Teenage Orthodontics in Sunbury

Teenage Orthodontics

teenager orthodontics

Teenage Orthodontics in Sunbury

Every parent could easily agree that a teenagers teenage years are one of the most volatile periods in life based on social acceptance and identity, self esteem issues and personal looks start to become an important priority in a teenagers life.
With that being said we all want to see our children to be happy with a beautiful set of teeth which will in turn boost their confidence and better their dental health for the rest of their lives.

Crooked teeth is a very common problem among teenagers which generally cause bigger issues in adulthood, most teenages would do anything to have this problem corrected. As parents would would know, teenagers would do anything to get their teeth corrected as it falls heavily on their view of their self image to the outside world. Obviously self image is not the most important thing but it is a byproduct of the orthodontic treatment which prevents other imminent dental health issues which commonly occur in adulthood if not treated.

Are you getting nagged to death from your Teen?
Then is not a bad time to listen as this is the best time to get your children’s oral health off to a good start in their lives before any serious issues do occur in the future.
At Hume Dentist we are highly trained professionals who will take you through a treatment to fix your teens orthodontic issues, leaving your child with an enhanced smile and a boosted self-esteem. With advancements in medical technology, teenager orthodontics can fix your teeth in such way that it will be hard for the braces to be seen while administering the treatment.

Our trained orthodontist will perform the treatment and install braces on your childs teeth to safely help fix crooked teeth or over/under biting jaw issues which may be causing problems.

Is it common for teenagers to get orthodontic work?


Braces are quite normal among teenagers, It is common for teenagers to be affected by crooked teeth, spaced or crowded teeth. By using braces it will correct these issues leaving you with an improved smile.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider orthodontic treatment
If your child is complaining about pain in the jaw this can be caused by many different teeth aligning issues in which case you should see a dental professional.
Crocked Teeth: Maligned teeth causes improper growth of the jaw line resulting in discomfort.
Overbites and Under bites: Jaw issues which are caused by either an under bite or an over bite and will be irreversible as your child enters adulthood.
Spaces teeth: One of the most common tooth malformations to occur which has a heavier impact on personal appearance.

There are a vast array of brace options out there, but the invisalign braces are the latest and most effective option to date, these types of braces are considered a “invisible treatment” option for your teeth as they don’t have the prominent metal appearance but are still as effective.

Braces vs Invisalign

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