Childrens Orthodontics in Sunbury

Childrens Orthodontics

Children's Orthodontics in Sunbury Vic

Sunbury Children's orthodontics specialistChildren’s Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with correction of irregularities of jaws, teeth and jaws in children. The specialist in this is an Orthodontist who re-positions teeth and jaws that are not correctly aligned or not in proper positions. Therefore, children orthodontics aims at at ensuring the correct appearance and function of teeth in children.

The Scope of Children’s Orthodontics

These are of specialty deals with a variety of jaw and dental conditions, they include:
Irregular and crowded teeth- Protruding upper or lower teeth.

  • Lower jaw protrusion- cross bite (where upper teeth bite on the inside of lower teeth)
  • Upper teeth extending abnormally far over the lower teeth (Deep overbite)
  • Widely spaced teeth- sucking of thumb or thumb.
  • Ectopic teeth eruption(teeth erupting out of position)

If you notice any of these in your child, it is the best time to take your child to see a dental orthodontist. Usually the treatment involves three phases planning, active and retention phase. The duration of the whole treatment may vary from just a few months to around a period of three years.
This period, however varies based on couple of things:

  • Difficulty and complication of the problem.
  • Individuality,some people respond faster to treatment than others.
  • Patient co-operation.

What to expect with braces?

As mentioned above, the treatment involves three phases in which the following takes place.

  1. Planning phase
    – The doctor takes the medical and dental history of the patient
    – casts are made for upper and lower teeth and also jaws
    – Photographs of teeth, face are taken before and after treatment
    – X-ray of jaws and teeth
    – A picture of the expected outcome is computer-generated.
    – A treatment plan is structured
  2. Active phase involves the procedures aimed at correcting the defect, it may include the following:
    – Teeth extraction
    – Maintenance of space using a space maintainer for permanent tooth growth peradventure a baby tooth is lost prematurely
    – Use of braces and orthodontic appliances, temporary or permanent to influence growth pattern of jaws.
    – Temporary head gear may be used to influence rate of growth of upper jaw and teeth eruption
    – Fixing of herbst appliance for treating upper teeth protrusion and correct lower jaw if underdeveloped.
    – A bionator may be used to help proportion growth of the upper and lower jaws.
    – A palatal expansion appliance will be used to improve the upper and lower jaws alignment.
  3. Retention phase
    Use of a removable retainer which is used in order to maintain the changes achieved when the braces are fitted in active phase are removed. Usually with in completion of this phase the corrections and improvements become permanent.

Challenges to expect

Sometimes, due to the procedures in Children’s Orthodontics, a patient may experience some discomfort for example, immediately the braces are fitted. Also, some braces may cause temporary pain and discomfort which in time goes away.

Your child may experience teeth or lips irritation from newly installed braces which can be easily corrected. The overall care and regular brushing of the patients teeth must be observed in order to achieve good results with out any complications.
A mouth guard is recommended for children who are active in sports and are wearing braces. Otherwise, the procedures are simple with no major complications.
Children’s Orthodontics has proved very helpful in restoring crocked teeth to straighter and healthier looking teeth, for proper eating habits and correcting some habits eg. thumb-sacking which would be embarrassing in future. Therefore, be diligent to ensure your children gets treatment early and give them an opportunity to grow as normal kids.

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