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Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics in Sunbury

dentist orthodonticsEveryone is in search of good and healthy teeth for a brighter and a more beautiful smile in this case there are quite a number of procedures that come with such and it is often easy such as fillings. However there are a number of adults who do not have aligned teeth and as such need to be treated by an orthodontist

Adult orthodontic is an option that is available to adults who have problems with teeth alignment. Even though braces have been known for children and teenagers, adults above the age of 18 can also go for what is known as adult orthodontic.

When to go for braces?

Adults who have crowned teeth, incorrect jaw positions, under-bites and crooked teeth are all suitable candidates for adult orthodontics. This will reduce the chances of having teeth decay, chewing problems, and headaches that arise from biting. it is good to note that the benefits that gotten from braces for teenagers are the same for adults. However the difference comes as adults have to wear the braces for a longer period of time ranging from 18 months to 3 years.
Types of braces As an adult, there are many kinds of braces one can choose from:

Metal braces – made of stainless steel, this are the normal day to day braces that people usually prefer to where due to their strength and price.

Invisalign – these are braces made from very hard plastic. They are made for adults who want to set their teeth but do not want to worry about the braces being seen. They come in the color that the teeth come in thus are virtually invisible in every sense. However compared to the metal braces they are more sensitive but still effective.

Lingual braces – these are virtually concealed braces. They are usually attached in the insides of the teeth thus only the wearer knows they are there. Making the process of wearing braces even easier.

Invisible braces – these come in the same make as the invisalign but are removable. Thus the wearer can comfortably remove them and clear all the food particles between teeth and gums. Each of the aligners are worn in a period of two weeks after which they are disposed off This however is not meant for all teeth problems as only wearers with spacing problems will be suited for this.

Foods to avoid
Patients seeking adult orthodontics have some various kinds of foods that they need to avoid some of the major ones are:

Sticky foods such as gum as they stick to the braces and between teeth thus are hard to come off when cleaning

Hard foods- this braces will break the braces thus extending the period of wearing the new ones that will be put in place, such foods are corn on cob and nuts.
However it is good to note that not all dentists are orthodontists and as such when visiting a dentist to see the dentist a patient should do well to find out the kind of procedures the dentist can perform. On the other hand not all insurance covers pay for all types of braces for adults and as such a patient should see which one fits into their plans before committing themselves to a particular type.








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