Can't Sleep? The best Snoring Treatments in Sunbury

Sleeping and Snoring Treatments

Sleeping and Snoring Dental Treatments

Sleeping and snoring dental treatmentsSleep is as important to your overall health as is diet and exercise. But what happens when you have sleep problems; probably you find it hard catching some sleep and when you finally fall asleep, you snore the whole night. You probably have sleep apnea and other kinds of sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is one of many serious medical conditions and it occurs when you experience loss of breath when sleeping. Sleep disorders have a number of adverse effects; from fatigue and poor health. Luckily there are different sleeping and snoring dental treatments which work effectively to eliminate these disorders.

Sleeping and Snoring Dental Treatments

Dental treatments for rectifying sleep conditions range from surgical procedures, radio frequency procedures to dental appliances. It is advisable that you visit your dentist to determine which option will work best in treating snoring and other kinds of sleep problems.
Sleeping and snoring dental treatments

Sleeping disorders may be mild, moderate or severe. Most conditions are usually associated with physiological problems. Some of these may include; systemic hypertension, decreased sexual libido, depression, memory impairment and a congestive heart failure among others.

Below are some of the treatments used to correct sleep disorders:

Surgical treatment For Sleeping and Snoring

Surgical treatment involves undergoing an operation that is intended to increase the space in your throat. The procedure is normally performed in a hospital by a professional dental surgeon under general anesthesia. A surgical procedure aims at removing obstructions such as tonsils, enlarged adenoids, growths and polyps in the throat. In some instances, the surgeon may opt for oral and maxillofacial surgery if you have an abnormal facial structure, say a recessed jaw.
Surgery may also be used as an option to remove nasal obstructions which cause insomnia. Surgery can be used as a last treatment option if you have; • Sleep apnea that does not respond to other treatments • Abnormalities in the upper airway tissue • Snoring

Oral appliances (also called Mandibular Advancement Splints)
These appliances are used to correct mild or moderate sleep disorders. These devices are more or less similar to mouth guards. Before you go to bed every night, put this device in your mouth and let it stay the whole night. You will only need these during the night so, no need to wear it during the day. You may feel uncomfortable wearing the device initially but with prolonged use, you will accustom to it For the appliance to work well, you need a dentist to get an impression of your teeth so that the mould is sent away for the device to be custom made for you.

This appliance works by pushing your lower jaw to the front. This in turn creates room for your airway to open up more which gets rid of the obstruction that makes you snore.
While a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure will get rid of sleep apnea instantly, an oral device will accomplish the same task gradually but may never correct the disorder completely.
These treatments will do well in correcting any kind of sleeping problem you have including snoring and sleep apnea. If you are not sure which condition you are exactly suffering from, schedule an appointment with your physician or consult a sleep specialist to correctly diagnose you.

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