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Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Preventive dentistry

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What is Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry offers front line defence against oral health problems which often lead to heart disease and other medical conditions. Preventive dentistry provide dental procedures which reduce or eliminate tooth loss, gum disease and tooth decay.
Every patient has different needs. In some cases, preventive treatment such as medication, surgery and consultation services are included in the prevention plan. It is imperative to visit the dentist on a regular basis to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Additional preventive

services include:
Teeth cleaning
• Bite wing X- rays
• Oral Examinations
• Full mouth X- rays
• Fluoride treatment for children What to Expect at the First Visit.

At the initial visit the dentist takes a full set of X-rays, and performs an in-depth oral exam. This allow the dentist to physically and personally inspect the gums, teeth and mouth. If there are any visible concerns the dentist can reflect on the X-rays or perform another exam to confirm or deny any suspicions.
If potential problems are discovered, the next step is to determine the best course of treatment. Some treatment methods may require surgery to prevent farther damage to permanent teeth. However, some preventative measures might not require surgery at all, but rather medication, filling or another type of dental procedure.

Purpose of Preventive Dentistry

The goal of preventive dentistry is to stop tooth decay, and the spread of gum disease before it begins. However, great dental care begins at birth and continues throughout life. With the right treatment and preventative services adults can retain their teeth forever.
Untreated dentist problems lead to tooth loss, periodontal disease, halitosis, gum infections and heart disease. Healthy teeth and gums makes the mouth look and feel great.

Following these simple rules greatly reduce the risk of oral disease.

• Taking Care of the Teeth and Gums
• Teeth and gums should be brushed twice per day
• Floss with care
• Eat sweets in moderation
• Avoid acidity foods and drinks
• Visit the dentist every six months
• Gargle and rinse to remove access food particles
• Use a firm toothbrush and replace every 3 or 4 months • Use ADA approved tooth paste

These are sorne of the things that can be performed at home prior to visiting a dentist. The dentist can prevent most gum diseases and cavities if they are captured in time Staying away from the dentist because of fear only prolong dental problems, and allow potential problems to worsen.
Overall, preventive dentistry minimize the need for serious intervention and treatment. Early detection protects the gums, teeth and entire body. Visiting a dentist regularly prevents tooth canals, tooth extracts, fillings and periodontal surgery.
Preventive dentistry treatments should begin at home. Schools realize the importance of good oral health, which is why they implement a state funded program for children as early as preschool age. Children learn at an early age to appreciate and take care of their natural teeth.
The key to visiting the dentist less, and maintaining a great smile, is to start brushing and flossing regularly. Eat a healthy diet, and stay away from sugars, acids, and other foods and drinks that stains the teeth, eats away at the enamel.

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