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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

dental implants humeThe concern with our appearance is ingrained in our nature for we are gregarious animals who care what others think of us.Teeth are the most visible parts of human body. They might be the hardest substance in our bodies but yet they are not invincible.
Genetics and lifestyle are some of the predisposing factors to teeth ailments.

Much proportion of tooth’s enamel is made of a bone mineral (hydroxylapatite) that is susceptible to certain chemicals like chlorides. So it is not only what rests on our teeth that ferments them but also what goes into our system as food.
The need to keep healthy and strong teeth has never been so high. Beside injury, the following are infections that cause serious tooth ailments that may eventually call for extraction of the infected tooth as a treatment process. Gum (periodontal) disease- periodontal may range or start from non-severe gum inflammation to a very serious disease that damage the tissues supporting the teeth to the jaw.

This will make the teeth loose. Teeth may fall off in extreme cases or required to be extracted to ease the pain. What causes this diseases are the bacteria in the mouth, so taking good care of the teeth prevents Tooth decay and other oral dental problems.

What is Tooth Decay?

A fermentation or corrosion of the enamel of the tooth by such substances as sugar and chlorides. This leads to a formation of cavity that may cause further infection or tooth lose.
Treatment of tooth decay in early stages may include application of fluoride furnish which prevents further damage. If the enamel is worn out, root canal treatment is recommended if the nerve at center of the tooth is damaged or complete tooth removal depending on extent of damage.

Melbourne dental implants

Before and after of dental implant treatment

Worries surrounding dental health may grow with a complexity of your own diet. It is however reliving to know the existence of permanent solutions can result in dental implants which can restore you smile.

This is standard treatment procedure for tooth/teeth replacement. Dental implants are made from a tooth root crafted from titanium. Titanium are biochemically compatible implants and can be used even when you have lost more than one tooth.

Noting that before the birth of tooth implant technology, dentures were commonly used – this was not a permanent solution and made those wearing them to eat only soft food. dentures are still used to date however it is not the optimal path to take as they have their own set of high limitations and cannot substitute of what a Dental Implant can offer.

A loss of tooth or a few teeth can directly harm our self confidence and our quality of life can start to deteriorate, as we are animals, we are self couscous of what others think and if we are not happy with our facial appearance we seep into an introverted phase, thats unless we take action on the problem in bringing you smile and looks back to life.

Dental implant technology it has been perfected over the course of 3 decades and the development of technology has been immense to get the job done as painless and effective as possible, statistics have shown that it is reliable solution over any other treatment.

Why you should consider dental implant

  1. Without the root of the tooth, the jaw will respond by shrinking making your face look older.
  2. After the placement, no adjustments are needed for implants are both stable and comfortable.
  3. Dental implants are once and for all procedure you only do it once for a life time

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