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Want That Perfect Smile Back? Consider a Dental Implant like crowns and bridges
Healthy and sparkling teeth are a critical part of both our physical and psychological well-being. While our teeth are intended to last a lifetime in their natural role, they are often damaged or lost on account of accidents or ailments like cavities, gum disorders, and weak roots etc.

Damaged or missing teeth do not only compromise your ability to eat properly but also adversely affect speech and appearance. For example, a missing front tooth can reduce the quality of your smile and thus dent your self-confidence and psychological well-being. Similarly, a missing tooth in the back seriously hampers your eating habits. Since a missing tooth also puts the remaining teeth at risk, a replacement should be carried out at the earliest.

Dental Implant Types:

There are a number of options available for a tooth replacement procedure. Dentures and dental implants are arguably the two most popular solutions for people seeking a replacement. Accurately imitating the look and functional properties of natural teeth is hard to accomplish. Dental implants score over dentures in the superior way in which they duplicate the natural look and function of teeth. In addition, dental implants are also longer lasting and provide patients with a more secure and natural feel.

Single tooth implant

Dental implants are ideal for cases where someone has lost a tooth due to accident or from periodontal disease. In their natural role, your teeth stimulate and trigger the jaw bone structure they are fused with every time you bite or chew. This trigger is crucial to protect the underlying jaw bone structure. With a missing tooth, the underlying bone structure is not sufficiently stimulated and as a consequence it begins to contract. A dental implant keeps the structural integrity of jaw bone intact and prevents the shrinkage of gum tissue.

Multiple teeth replacement

In the case of an implant involving loss of multiple teeth, the patient has supporting bridges set permanently in the mouth as opposed to detachable devices. Dental implants do not run the risk of suffering from ailments such as cavities. Nevertheless, brushing and flossing are necessary to keep the gums healthy and preventing plaque from affecting the bone and gum tissue.

Advantages of dental implants

Traditional bridges, crowns and dentures are not the best choices for a teeth replacement procedure. In particular, dental implants deliver a superior solution to patients in the following three ways:

· Dental implants, as mentioned previously, are by far the best solution to imitate the look and feel of natural teeth. Implants feel more stable to patients because they are integrated to the bone structure. Since the implant is securely fused to the jaw bone, patients enjoy a secure and natural fit.

· A missing tooth compromises the health of neighbouring teeth. Since implants are excellent at imitating the role of natural teeth, they safeguard the remaining teeth in a better way.

· Lastly, implants demonstrate their superiority over other options in terms of longevity and comfort of wearing.

While dental implants are a medically superior way to replace a lost tooth, patients need a comprehensive assessment from their dentists to determine if an implant is the right option for them. In particular, patients need to have healthy gums and sufficient jaw bone structure to sustain the implant.

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