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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

the best tooth whitening sunburyAn appealing and a bright smile is a strong asset in social circles. Every person loves a dazzling white smile, and there are numerous procedures and products available to help improve the colour of your teeth. Most people are satisfied with characterised by regular cleaning and daily brushing.

But if you decide to explore other teeth whitening options, you should be well informed about your options. Start by consulting a dentist. They will tell you if whitening procedures would be effective on you Whiteners may be unable to correct all types of discolouration. For instance, brown coloured teeth may not bleach well while yellow hued teeth bleaches well If you may require whitening, there are numerous ways of whitening your smile.

The dentist must first assess the discolouration level and decide which procedure best suits your case.

What Is Tooth Whitening?

It’s the the procedure of removing any discolouration on the teeth surface and lightening the colour of the teeth, At-home bleaching, Peroxides that contains whiteners normally bleach the teeth enamel.
They are in gel form and are usually placed in a mouth guard or tray. The ingredients are broken down and penetrates the dentine and the enamel making them whiter. The product should be applied for 30 minutes and for two and four weeks. There are some side effects, like gum irritation and sensitivity.

The major ingredients are..

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Carbamid Peroxide

How long is the treatment

The length of bleaching will vary depending on how the teeth are discoloured. But it usually takes between two to four weeks. Talk to your dentist if you have speculations.

Sunbury Clinic bleaching

This procedure usually requires one office visit. The dentist usually applies a rubber shield and a protective gel to guard the soft tissues. A special light may be used and bleaching agent is applied. Laser rays are normally used to enhance the action of the bleaching agent. The applications can be done at home with whitening kits. Whitening toothpaste. Most toothpastes helps in removing surface stains through mild abrasion.

Whitening t00thpastes have special polishing agents and chemicals. Unlike bleaches, these products only removes stains on tooths surface. When deciding on which whitener to use or any other dental product, make sure the products complies and meets the ADA standards of effectiveness and safety. Laser Teeth Improvement. Laser light can significantly improve the colour of the teeth. The laser mixes with the gel, hence increasing the potency power. During this exercise, a soft material is placed on the gums to protect them. One session can be enough for the mild cases of discolouration. There after, a few maintenance application is required. This procedure normally lasts for one to two hours. *Over The Counter/Home Tooth Whitening Systems. Commercial whiteners have become popular.

They are easy to use and inexpensive.
Some products include:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Mouth trays
  • Whitening strips
  • Paint on teeth gel

Key Reasons Why You Should Consult Your Dentist.

  • Most of the over the counters trays don’t fit properly
  • Improper fitting of the tray may cause gel that cold leakage that could lead to irritation of the gums.

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