Inlays and Onlays in Sunbury Victoria

Inlays and Onlays

Inlay and Onlay Dental Treatments

What are Inlay and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are mainly restoration treatments used to mend back or rear teeth with gentle to fairly decayed or broken and cracked teeth that are not sufficiently damaged to need a crown. The ideal patients for inlay or onlay occupation typically have too much ruin or rot in the tooth composition to be effectively treated using an effective restoration, but have plenty healthy teeth remaining to shun the necessitate for a crown.

This allows the dentist to safeguard more of the patient’s original teeth structure. It takes approximately two appointments for the inlays and onlays treatment to be concluded and to be ultimately cemented to the damaged area of the tooth.

The process of Inlays and Onlays and Crowns

The dentist starts the procedure by anaesthetising the area to be treated with local anaesthetics. Any damage is secluded by drilling in which case it cleans and sets preparation for the treatment for the dental inlay or onlay of the tooth. With a miniature tray crammed with dental putty which comfortably fits around the teeth and gums, the dentist takes a mould.
This mould is sent off to the laboratory, and this is where the inlay or onlay are shaped and process to the mould impressions by the tooth.

Inlays and onlays are usually made from porcelain, which frequently close matches and emulates the traditional colour of the tooth enamel. As the onlay or inlay is being formed at the lab, the dentist creates a provisional cover or filling for your tooth to guard it for the next appointment.

At the subsequent appointment, your dentist will get rid of the impermanent restoration and then take time to make sure the inlay or onlay fits securely to the foundation. When the inlay or onlay cap fits the dentist will glue the inlay or onlay to the tooth with a sturdy bonding agent, in which case the initial treatment is finished along with a tooth buff up to ensure a soft and aesthetically pleasing finish which suits the rest of the mouth.

dentist inlay and onlay

CEREC® Technology

This method uses the latest state-of-the-art method of giving you a superior-fitting restorations and crowns. CEREC is a new and ground breaking treatment. The 3-D analysing enables the dentist to perform crowns and restorations in a single day and significantly cuts down of subsequent appointments as for the traditional treatment.

All restorations and crowns are completed right in our dental clinic. Imagery is taken digitally without the need for venturing to other clinics, we have the technology in house to assess all you needs.
We use a small camera which takes a series of pictures and transmits the information straight to the computer for graphic emulation. A precision natural looking crown is then processed.

Dental Sealants

As a safety measure in our preventative dentistry care routine we apply Sealants which defend the upper surface of the teeth from further decaying. The simple procedure involves painting a tooth-coloured acrylic onto the tooth’s exterior enamel to close up any grooves where cavities often form.

Implant-Supported Crowns

Implant supported crowns are part of a prosthetic treatments we have available where spaced sections of teeth that are missing or are damaged due to tooth decay. The prosthetic implants are surgically positioned into the upper or lower jawbone. These implants are positioned into the bone so that a prosthetic crown will last a life time.

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