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gisborne dentistWelcome to the Gisborne dentist directory page on the Hume Dentist website, you are here because you are looking for a dentist in Gisborne or in the South area of Macedon Rangers.

Gisborne is located 55km from Melbourne and has over 7000 in total population and has been growing ever since the land has been vacated to create more housing estates. Gisborne started to become a popular settling point for young families as well as seniors to get away from the every day city hustle and bustle life style.

Our dental clinic is situated in the main street And we are known to provide the best service available for families and singles, if you are needing an orthodontist in Gisborne or you are looking to consult one of our dental professionals for any pain or treatments please call our Gisborne and dental group now.

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