Hume dentist locations


Hume Dentist Locations

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Hume Dentist Locations

See below for all the locations of our dental practices, click on the circle of the location which fits you needs.

Broadmeadows 3047

Click here to get to the contact information about a dental professional in Broadmeadows, the dentist clinic is situated a long the main street of Pascoe Vale Road where the shopping centre.
The clinic is equipped to take on all patiences for all their needs which includes general dental check ups and orthodontic work.

Our Broadmeadows orthodontist is one of the best in his field and is ready to help with any dental treatment you need to archive a better and more enhanced smile.


Campbellfield 3061

If you are looking for a dentist close to you then our Dentist in Campbellfield which will be ideal for you and your families needs. Situated in the centre of town you can find the Hume Dental office in your area.


Craigieburn 3064

The Craigieburn Dentist is located in the main center of town ship. Should you need treatment for general dental care, endodontics or even so much as a in-depth tooth clean or cosmetic enhancements then we have it all in one spot.

The Hume Dentist Craigieburn clinic is available for over the phone appointments and questions and answers.


Fawkner 3060

Looking for a Hume Dentist in the  Fawkner are then this is the place for you, located in the busy suburb of Fawkner Vic on the main road of the iconic busy street of Sydney Road, we offer all sorts of dental health care treatments and services.
Our Fawkner dentist is trained to perform a number oral care treatments like, endodontics, orthodontics, teeth whitening and so much more.


Gisborne 3437

Our dental clinic located in the small family town of Gisborne is one of the main rural clinics around.
The dental experts offer a wide range of dental treatments, in fact we do everything with in our hospital including perform wisdom tooth extractions and other oral surgery procedures.

So if you are looking for a dentist in Gisborne to assist with your dental and oral needs we are happy to help and guide you to the read of better and healthier dental care.


Gladstone Park 3043

At our Gladstone Park Dental clinic we are located next to the main shopping centre near the gladstone park dental group on Rylandes Drive. We preform day surgeries with in the clinic and have a private recovery area for family visitation.
We offer a big range of cosmetic and preventive dentistry treatments which we help all our patients get the best quality dental treatments at affordable rates.

Greenvale 3059

The Hume Dental dental clinic located in the small suburb of Greenvale is one of our top of the line offices which is based in the centre which makes us one of the easiest to get to by car, train and bus.
Why? We offer all comprehensive care on dental treatments such as orthodontics, Endodontics, tooth fillings, cosmetic dentistry as well as dental implants and crown.

Meadow Heights 3048

Our Meadow Heights family dentist will happily assist your needs, our highly trained and friendly staff, if you have any thing you need to be seen with in any of the dental treatments we have on our services page then we can help you to getting your dental health back on track.

Melton 3337 - 3338

Our Melton dental practice covers one of our biggest areas in the north western suburbs of Melbourne, The dentist in melton is one of the most active and busiest dental clinics in the area to date, however we have moved to a new location to cope with the high load of patients that come through everyday to maintain our quality of service.
There are no wait times and we pride ourselves with being on time with all our clients appointments.

Roxburgh Park 3064

The Roxburgh Park dental hospital is situated on a quiet street just around the corner from the main road of Somerton Road.
The Dentist in Roxburgh Park is completely new to the area and we are looking forward in assisting you in enriching your smile and your oral dental health.

Somerton 3062

The Somerton dental surgery is another one of our brand new facilities to the Hume Dental franchise, furbished with all the latest and greatest dental equipment and laid out with our kind and professional staff who are excited to assist you.
If you are looking for a dentist Somerton then the search is over, call us now!


Sunbury 3429

The Sunbury dental clinic is one of the Hume Dentist’s central hubs in the chain of our clinics we offer all the services described on our services page.
We offer an array of cosmetic dental treatments as well as teeth whitening and orthodontics which are based at the Sunbury Dental House.
Looking for a Sunbury orthodontist, most orthodontists are based in the city however we have our own roster of highly skilled orthodontic specialist.

Tullamarine 3043

The Dentist in Tullamarine is another one of are first ever Hume Dentist clinics to be set up in the early days.
We offer the entire range of services at this clinic and we are looking forward in speaking to you about you dental health and treatments.