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Hume Dentists all started with a vision to make Dental health the a more obtainable service to the overall majority of the population in Melbourne. Back in 2009 in Sunbury, Victoria a group of dental professionals and past colleagues decided to give life to what we now know is Hume Dentist.
Our goal was solidified to make general dental and specialised dental health (orthodontic and Endodontic treatments) more affordable to everyone.
For the lack of a better phase, it really grinds our gears that dental treatments have become some-what of a luxury in which many families cannot afford, so with that mindset in mind we have decided to make our services as affordable as possible with out the high ticket pricing but with the same availability of treatment you would typically receive from a public dentist.

Here at Hume Dentist we have made it our mission to educate our patients on preventative dental care, prolonging a much more healthier smile for the future and beyond.

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